7 Pre – wedding Medical Test for Couples

6 Pre - wedding Medical Test for Couples

6 Pre - wedding Medical Test for Couples


Couples should understand the necessity of some medical test to be done before marriage.

Those test are to determine whether to step into marriage or backoff, Love is good but being in safe marriage is better.

We have some medical test for couples and all will be discuss today.

1. Genotype (Hemoglobin)
Getting to know your partner genotype is important because there may be compatibility issues which could have devastating effects when it comes to conception. they also save couples and their offspring the stress that comes with the management of sickle cell disease.

Today There are four hemoglobin genotypes (hemoglobin pairs/formations) in humans: AA, AS, SS and AC (uncommon). SS and AC are the abnormal genotypes or the sickle cells. We all have a specific pair of these hemoglobin in our blood which we inherited from both parents.

2. Blood Group
Blood Group is one the children inherite from both parents which may cause harm to the children and sometimes cause miscarriage if both parent blood group are not compatible, it the best advice for couples to run blood group test before marriage.

We have Four type of Blood Groups

1. Type A (marker A)
2. Type B (marker B)
3 Type AB (blood cells have both A and B markers)
4. Type O (blood cells have neither A or B markers)

Blood Groups have two Blood type which can be Negative or Positive ,
Therefore the Position means there’s Present of Rhesus factor While Negative means there’s No Rhesus factor.

Blood Types

O- No A or B Marker
O+ No A or B Marker + Rhesus factor (One of the Two Most Common Types)
A- A Marker Only
A+ A Marker but No B Marker + Rhesus factor (One of the Two Most Common Types)
B- B Marker Only
B+ B Marker but No A maker + Rhesus factor
AB- A and B Markers Only
AB+ All 3 Types of Markers: A, B and Rhesus factor.

3. Hiv/aids
HIV/AIDS is a notoriously scary infection and the sheer number of deaths it causes makes it a no-brainer for couples to check for its presence in each other.

Couple who run this test will be able to knw thier status and make amend if necessary

4. Fertility test
Fertility test is done to be sure of the fertility of both the husband and the wife.

Check the video below

According to health expert, fertility problems are usually not detected by couples until about two or more years after marriage and unsuccessful trials at conceiving.

So it is important for the test to be done as it profiles the reproductive hormones in both partners: semen analysis is carried out on the man and ovulation tested in the woman.

Couples who intend to not have kids may need not worry about this one though.

5. Hepatitis b&c Virus

Hepatitis virus is also very bad which affect the liver after a long terms and it categories into B & C
Both hepatitis B and C are blood-borne pathogens, which means that their primary mode of transmission is through direct blood-to-blood contact with an infected person. Also, both hepatitis B and C can cause chronic, lifelong infections that can lead to serious liver disease.

This two viruses can be acquired in similar ways, such as using contaminated needles, accidental needle stick, tattoos and body piercing, through sexual contact, and from mother-to-baby during childbirth.

6. STDs Test
This test may sounds crazy but very important for incoming couples to undergo this test before marriage and when married, This can help if any of the partner has Sexual transmitted disease (stds).

7. Mental health Accessment Test

Mental health should be added to category of test intending couple should run before marriage, This test help to know who you’re getting married or in courtship, Some partner may sound healthy or look healthy but are hook with depression, anxiety , addiction test, adhd, eating disorder, bipolar etc.

Check the video below

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