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Our mission is to help you make the best choices for your health

Every year, we help people answer their most important health questions with our expert-written, medically-reviewed articles across hundreds of health topics. Our team of writers and editors are industry experts, including healthcare professionals and health journalists, who write and continually update our article library. Our Medical Review Board of board-certified physicians vets our articles so you can be confident in your next steps for better health.

Our Editorial Process

Our editorial process centers on making sure you understand what you’re reading and know how to use the information to make confident choices about your health. Our writers, editors, and fact checkers only use fact-based research and present it in a clear, judgement-free way that empowers you to take an active role in your health.

Our editorial team manages all of our content, which includes new articles on evergreen topics, coverage on the latest news, and updates to existing content to ensure our information is reflective of the latest research. The integrity of our content is a top priority, and we are not influenced by advertisers in our coverage. We rely on current primary sources, including peer-reviewed studies and government institutions, to ensure our information is as updated as possible, and applicable to real people.

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