Causes, symptoms and treatment of unconsciousness

Unconsciousness is a partial or complete loss of sense.

1. Head injury i.e trauma accident ,CVA ( cerebrovascular accident)
2. Epilepsy
3. Hysteria : it is a state of tension in which there is temporary lost of control over the emotion .
4. Infantile convulsion : This is due to an increase in temperature,It is meant for infants.
5. Incase of severe burns, diarrhoea , vomiting
6. Heat attack
7. Diabetic coma or insulin coma or high level of insulin .
8. kidney disease.

1. Breathing may be quick and fast .
2. Shallow and snoring respiration.
3. Dialated pupil : the pupil may react to light or may not react to light.
4. Cyanose : The colour may be cyanose i.e blue or bluish dark in colour especially in babies or infants.
5. The patient may response or may not respond to external stimulus .
6. There maybe rigidity of faeces and urine.
7. There maybe rigidity of the muscles of the body .

1. Admit the patient into the ward .
2. Four hourly observation observation of vital signs.
3. Daily bed bath.
4. Treatment of the pressure areas to avoid pressure sore , two hourly turning.
5. Carry the medical treatment out
6. Feeding: passing of N.G tube , passing of catheter and attach urobag or urine bag ,then releasing of catheter every four hourly and record the urine ,then maintain your intake and output chart

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