Signs, causes and treatment of fainting

Fainting is a state of temporary loss of consciousness due to loss of blood supply to the brain.

1. Shock
2. Lack of fresh air or suffocation
3. Prolonged standing
4. Loss of blood or loss of body fluid/ electrolytes.

1. Rapid and feeble pulse
2. Shallow respiration
3. The patient will be perpspering or sweating
4. The face will be pale,lips,mouth and tongue will be pale
5. Cold and clammy skin.

1. If the patient is bleeding arrest the bleeding
2. Place the patient on the bed with his head lower than the feet so that there will be enough blood supply to the brain
3. Remove tight clothes from the neck, waist and also from the chest so that there will be blood circulation to all part of the body
4. Allow patient to receive fresh air
5. Give the patient hot or warm tea to drink when he or she is conscious
6. If the patient is conscious, do not return the patient home allow the patient to stay in the hospital for more investigations.

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